Who We Are

The Past
In the early ‘90s, a couple of born again believers joined the ministry of Word of Life Hungary and moved to our traditionally Catholic village called Tóalmás.  As obedient followers  of Christ they started to meet every Sunday for Worship in the local library.
In 1998 this group of believers officially established the Free Evangelical Church of Tóalmás.

The Present
In April 2016 our Church joined the Hungarian Baptist Union. Today we have 26 official members. With children and visitors attendance is between 40 and 60 people. We rent facilities from Word of Life Hungary to provide the needed place for our church activities.

Our Vision
Tóalmás is our Jerusalem. This is where we bought or built our homes, our children go to the kindergarden, we all have made friendships through the years. Not only do we love the 3.000 people of this village, but God loves them.  We, as individuals and as a church, have a clear understanding that we are responsible to show them Christ through the testimony of our daily lives and to give them opportunities to hear the Gospel.  We want to see more and more people in our village find a new life in Christ.

Our Statement of Faith

  1. We believe that the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament are verbally inspired of God.  They are without error in the original writings and they are the supreme and final authority for faith and life.
  2. We believe in one God, Creator and Sustainer of the universe, who is eternally existent in three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  3. We believe in the Deity of Jesus Christ, His virgin birth, sinless life, His death to pay the penalty for our sins through his atoning blood, His bodily resurrection, His exaltation to God’s right hand, His personal, imminent, and premillennial return.
  4. We believe that all men have sinned and therefore are guilty before God and are under His condemnation.
  5. We believe that all who, by faith, receive Jesus Christ are born-again of the Holy Spirit and therefore become children of God and are eternally saved, and that the Holy Spirit dwells within every believer to enlighten, guide, and enable him in life, testimony and service.
  6. We believe in the Church, which is the body of Christ, composed of all true believers from      Pentecost to the Rapture; and in the local church, an autonomous congregation of immersed      believers, organized with officers as described in the New Testament Epistles, and banded      together to carry out the commands of Christ.
  7. We believe that God gives spiritual gifts to all believers for the building up of the body of Christ.  However, we believe that some gifts of the Spirit such as tongues and healing were evidently limited to the early church.  We believe that God answers the prayers of His people and meets their needs according to His purpose.
  8. We believe in the bodily resurrection of the just and the unjust, the everlasting blessedness of the saved in Glory, and the everlasting conscious punishment of the lost in Hell.
  9. We believe that all believers are called into a life of separation from all worldly and sinful practices and alliances.